Collabo with Mike Graves

Collabo in IndianapolisCollaboration with Mike Graves
Shown @ Primary Gallery
Indianapolis, IN 2013

For this piece, I wanted to capture the impressions left on me as a child watching the tags, blow ups, pieces, and wild styles roll by on the subway trains of NYC.

Moving to the Midwest, it was hard for many to picture why I was so moved by the energy of the work. Thanks to the efforts of many writers throughout the country, today, I run into people from all walks of life who enjoy watching graffiti on the freights roll by.


Gavit Middle School Students visit Power Plant

Gavit Middle School Visits Power Plant

November 2013
Bailly Generating Station
Chesterton, IN

Gavit Middle School Students

I always enjoy talking to our future. I provided a tour of a power plant to these fine young men. Being all young men, I peppered the tour with leadership, innovation, and ambition messages. We did a little “Write of Passage” and soapstoned our names throughout the plant.

The photograph above is of the group standing 210′ feet in the air with noting but steel grating below their “Jordans”.  They did real good adjusting to walking on the steel grating with the bottom below.

Maravilla Wall, East Chicago


Mr. Maravilla Wall on Main St. in the Harbor
East Chicago, IN

May Allah Be Pleased with the life of Mr. Maravilla. He supported our efforts like no one else in the city did. We’ve painted that wall since 1992. The first piece on that wall was in 1985ish and remained untouched until early 90′s (Golden Age) when it needed a fresh coat of paint.

The building has since been leveled. I can say without stutter, that at least 200 artists painted on the wall from 1985 to the day the city bought it for redevelopment of the area.